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What sports alternatives when it rains?

Outdoor sport is invigorating, but it isn’t always motivating when the weather is bad. To give yourself a clear conscience or continue your training in better conditions, there are many possibilities available to you in the warmth.

Don't stop when it's raining

The tips that we are going to present to you are probably not real surprises for you. Even more so if you are triathletes or other seasoned athletes, it is more likely that these alternatives are part of your general training when you practice specialized sessions.

The first tip makes the most sense. If you are a triathlete preparing for a particular deadline, have the reflex to reverse swimming training with training planned outdoors. You will not lose any of the anticipated gains days in advance.

For cyclists, training on a home trainer provides fundamental guarantees. If the sensations of the tubulars on the road are not replaced by anything in the world, short and intense sessions on the rollers or the home trainer provide power and substance according to the desired progress. Training on such accessories also allows you to find the equivalent of a flat road without wind, so that you can work according to the aerobic threshold, without worrying about anything else. Naturally, thanks to the new applications available with connected devices, this practice is more and more common and less and less monotonous.

For runners, this practice can be compared to that available on a treadmill. The most elaborate of these will allow you to follow a course, almost live, the gradient changing according to the meters covered. An alternative that could allow you to escape on a sunny path, far from the bad weather hitting the other side of the window.

In other situations, adjusting your workouts to indoor sessions may only be beneficial. Without equipment (or very little), sessions that you can also practice in the off-season will always be regenerative, regardless of your main sport.

Muscle strengthening is paramount and a session accordingly will never be too much. Rather focused on cardio or specific strengthening of stabilizing muscles, especially through core exercises or a yoga session, your workouts can be populated with hundreds of exercises.

Pure weight training can be an asset and allow you targeted strengthening even without the slightest weight at home. The use of straps or elastic bands are the trend now and you can see why when you are interested. Always under tension, the muscles can be found in the same shape as during a prolonged effort ... on the bike for example! Punctuated by active or passive stretching, these ideas for sitting at home can also be practiced without the bad weather getting in the way. They are indeed very important for your body.

However, there are other ways besides staying in your favorite area to exercise without worrying about the rain falling outside. And yes, there are other sports besides running and cycling! So the opportunity to call a training partner to clear your head and sweat in an unusual way. Sports such as badminton, squash or the very popular padel are played quite easily and promise long minutes of physicality associated with real sporting pleasure. Think about it on the next gloomy days!

And if your legs itch too much, put on shoes, suitable clothing (see Verjari waterproof accessories) and head out into the rain as you see fit. After all, that's freedom too.


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